The Cop

Red and blue flashes blind me as I eagerly glance in the rearview mirror. I blink rapidly to get the spots out of my vision. Images of the last few minutes shoot through my mind as I try to figure out what I did to justify being pulled over. My heart races as I can’t seem to grasp what I did wrong.

I’m gripping the steering wheel as the cop walks towards my vehicle. I know that you can get in trouble if you don’t do that… I think. Maybe that’s just from TV shows? I need to calm down. It’s probably nothing.

Knock Knock

I jump and turn to my left to see a police uniform. I fumble to roll down the window and the cop leans over. Bright blue eyes meet mine and I’m taken aback by how attractive he is. I like a man in uniform but it wasn’t just the uniform or his muscles moving against the sleeves of his shirt. He had a chiseled jawline and perfectly proportionate lips. His hair was dark but very well groomed and fairly short.

“Do you know why I pulled you over, miss?” I snap back into reality by the sound of his raspy voice.

“I honestly don’t know, Sir.” I choke out.

He keeps his eyes on me and I bounce my leg up and down as my anxiety rises. “Your right tail light is out. The blinker too, unless you’re just not using it?” He smirks at me.

I feel at ease and I exhale. It’s nothing serious. I can still feel his gaze on mine and I’m aware he is waiting for my drivers license and insurance. I reach over to my wallet to gather everything. As I hold both in my hand and sit back up, I hand it to him. He is still staring at me but his smile is wider. His gaze glances down at me and I lower my head to see what he is looking at.

I’m shocked to see one of my nipples hanging over the top of my low cut shirt. I planned to go to the store and didn’t feel the need to wear a bra. I feel the heat of embarrassment rise up my neck and into my cheeks. I pull my shirt up swiftly. “Sir, I am so sorry for that!”

“You can call me Evan.” He continues to glance at my breasts despite them being covered now. The heat rises again and I can feel a warmth gathering in my between my legs. “I’m going to need to check these out. I’ll be right back.” He winks, turns around and goes back into his car.

I shake my head and adjust in my seat. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I don’t usually get this worked up over little things but my body has a mind of its own. I can feel my jeans as they apply pressure onto my clit. I wiggle to get more comfortable but a tingle shoots through my labia and the walls of my pussy clench at the sudden pleasure. I bit the inside of my cheek as I glance in my side mirror. He is still checking out my ID. What’s taking him so long?

I feel a dampness forming between my lips and jeans continue to press against me. I give in and allow myself to scoot around slightly. The pleasure intensifies and I continue. I’m holding onto the wheel and keeping an eye out for the cop. If I’m careful and quick, I think I could cum before he returns. I swirl my hips again and again. I bit back a moan and the wetness inside me starts to ooze out into my panties. I feel my nipples erecting and I let one of them rub against the seatbelt. I feel closer as the motion of my hips increase. I’m almost humping and grinding and my knuckles are white as I grip the wheel ever harder. My lips part open and I breathe heavier as I feel an orgasm coming near. I’m tense and heat radiates off my chest as I begin to orgasm.


I gasp! How long has he been standing there!?

“Can I ask you what you’re doing?” He has a look in his eyes and he stares at me. I can’t tell if he is judging me.

“I… um.. I was…” I feel myself stuttering. My body is aching to orgasm and my mind is clouded. “I was trying to adjust my seat!”

“I don’t think that’s what you were doing. I’ve been standing here for a good minute.” He seems amused now and his lips turn into a small smile.

“I’m so sorry, Sir.”

“Evan” he quickly corrects me.

“Evan.” I reply. “I know that was wrong. You were back there awhile and I don’t know why I did that.”

I look up at him and see his eyes looking down again. Is he seriously still looking at me breasts? I swear to god if my nipple is out again…

I look down but don’t see my nipples out. I see a massive wet spot in between my legs! I cross them in a panic. “Oh my god! I’m SO embarrassed!” I look back up from my pants and stop my gaze between his legs. A lump is pulsating and pressing against his uniform. “Is… that…” I point to the bulge and he glances down. I expect Evan to apologize or to cover it with his hands but he didn’t. He leaned his arm on top of the car and moves his face closer to mine. I can smell spearmint on his breath.

“What do you think I was doing in my car all this time?” he asks. His voice somehow even deeper and raspier than before. I was taken back. My heart pounding in my chest. His warm breath against my lips sparked a heat in between my legs more intense than before. “I think you need to come with me as I check out the backseat of your vehicle, miss.” He pulls away and opens my door for me.

I slide out of my seat and stand up. He is a whole head taller than me. He opens the backseat and points to it, allowing me to scoot in first. I peeked over my shoulder, grateful that I pulled into a dirt road, away from the rarely used country road I was on. The door slams and before I can turn around to look at him, I hear his belt unbuckling. I sit in silence as I wait to see the length of him pop out from under his pants. His breath is as heavy as mine and I’m nervous. This is the most exciting and scary thing I have ever done.

His cock swings free from his boxers and I can’t stop looking at it. The veins are pressing against the skin and the balls are trimmed and appear heavy. I feel my mouth water for it. Evans blue eyes are filled with lust and he reaches out to my breasts. I pull back my shoulders to reveal my hard nipples. He grazes over them with his thumbs as the rest of his hands cup them. My D cup tits sit heavily in his hands and his muscles tense to hold them. I look down to see my nipples more erect than ever before. I hold back a moan as I’m edging already.

Pulling his hands back, I take it as a queue to strip down. I lift my top over my head and can feel the swinging of my breasts. Before I can take the top off completely, I can feel his warm tongue on the nipple that popped out of my top earlier. Evan sucked on it eagerly and I heard a slight moan. It was obvious he was turned on by pleasing me and that just made him hotter. I grab his short, dark hair and pull him into me. He pressed in even more and I leaned into the car door. He fondled and groped my tits until I started grinding my hips, eager to feel him. Why wasn’t he stopping? Wasn’t he horny too? The flicking of his tongue all over my breasts and nipples continued. He was so focused on them that drool was dripping under my tits. He fed and latched onto me and I started to moan. Can I cum from this alone? It felt like it. My clit was throbbing as if it was being stroked. I felt electricity shoot through my body and my mind clouded as he nursed on me.

I can’t cum. Not from this. I wanted to but I wanted him to edge just as much. I gripped his hair and pulled his head back. “Your turn..” I said. He leans onto his side of the car and I look at him up and down. His cock is now dripping with clear precum and I tug on his shirt so it could be removed. Once over his head, I soaked up the view. He was lean with dense muscle mass. He inhaled deeply and smiled at me. I never seen such a beautiful man before.

“What you looking at, love?” He grips my hair and shoves my head into his crotch. He presses my head down and his cock is rubbing against my face. His balls on my chin feel as full as they look. Evans forwardness ignited the submissiveness inside me. I opened my mouth and waited for him to use it as he sees fit. With one hand behind my head, the other grips his cock as he jams it inside my mouth. His tip slams into my tonsils and he moans. I taste his precum with each thrust he does. My mouth is watery and he seems to enjoy it. I gag and tears fill my eyes as he grips my head and forces me down on his length. Over and over and over again. I held my breath and went limp. I wanted to be his personal sex doll. I wanted to be pushed to my limits by this beautiful man.

“Can you handle that?” He asks me.

“Yes, sir.” I choke out. I look up and his face is pink. Snot, tears and drool are mixed together on my face. He smiles back at me and pulled me up by my hair. I unbuttoned my jeans and frantically pulled them off. I tossed them into the passenger seat and revealed my tiny black thong. He grabbed the thong at my hips and ripped them off of me.

Grabbing my shoulders, he jerked me around. I can see how foggy we made the windows and through the reflection, I could see him staring at my ass. He then slapped it. Hard. I moaned and he did it again. Over and over Evan slapped my ass and I moaned every time. I closed my eyes tight as he hit the same place repeatedly.

“I want to make sure I mark you. I want you to look in the mirror for the next week and be reminded of what I did to you.” His raspy voice was so certain and assured. I felt a warm burn where I know his hand was. There will be a print but I wanted it. I thought he would hit again but instead, I felt his fingers glaze over my soaked pussy lips. “Whoa. You want it bad, don’t you?” He teased.

“Please, Sir. I want to feel you…” I could hardly spit those words out. All I could do was arch my back and lean into his touch. I needed him to penetrate me. Evan read my body language and glided two of his fingers between my lips. He fondled my labia and slipped around my knot. I felt my eyes roll back and my thighs tense up at the pleasure Evan was giving me. I allowed all the moans to escape and the more I moaned, the more he gave me.

Faster and faster Evan rubbed me. I started to tremble but felt everything stop.

“Evan!” I gasped.

“You can’t cum yet, love.” he teased. “I need to feel your orgasm. Where’s a condom?”

“No!” I shouted. I didn’t want it. I needed this dominant, sexy cop to fill me with his seed.

Evan smiled. “Oh. You want to be bred?”

He’s onto me. I love nothing more than to be used for pleasure and to be cummed in. Sadly, I don’t want most men inside me in that way but Evan seems to meet all my sexual requirements for that. “I want YOU to breed ME, sir.”

He shoved my face into the foggy car window. I felt his throbbing cock still wet from my mouth, slide into my warm and inviting pussy. He gasped “I’ve never been inside such a wet cunt before!” He took his time. Slowly feeling the walls of my pussy clasp around him. Each thrust inside me made me tighten my grip on him, holding him inside. We fit perfectly.

I moaned over and over. I arched my back and spread my legs, allowing for the deepest penetration possible. He was girthy and my pussy was stretched to the max. My labia felt him, my clit felt him and my cervix felt him. Every bit of my cunt could feel him as he sped up. No thrust wasn’t balls deep. With one hand on my hip and the other on my head, he moved with pure lust. He shoved as many fingers in my mouth could fit and played with my tongue. I moaned as I could taste myself on his hand. He thrusted harder and harder. My eyes rolled back and I shoved my ass into him. We were perfectly in sync.

“It’s coming.” he says.

“Shoot it into my fucking womb!” I shout out.

“Oh my god. I can feel you cumming on my cock!” Evan shouts. His manhood swelling even more. His balls move up into his body as he shoots out his spunk inside me. He slows down his thrusts and I can feel the hot cum splash into my fertile, desperate cervix. I can hardly move. My legs are trembling and my ass still tender from where he spanked me. My hair is in knots from him using it as a grip. I can see my make up smeared against the fogged up car window.

Evan pulls out and his cum follows with him. It drips out onto my feet as I am still submiting to him in doggystyle. I hear his belt as he redressed himself. I turn around and sit in the puddle of both our juices. He is glistening with sweat.


We both step out of the car, dressed and cooling off. Evan has my phone and hands it back to me. I look to see his number punched into the contacts. I knew right there and then that this man most likely will get me pregnant because there is no way I won’t be calling him. Im addicted to him and no matter how much I’ll fight it, I’ll always be his personal cum dump.

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