Mommy Took My Virginity

I’ve been waiting for this day. The clock has struck midnight and my step-son is officially 20 years old! I slowly take one step at a time towards the direction of his room. He still lives at home but I’m happy about it because having him close by always makes me happy.


I place my hand over the doorknob and slowly turn it. The door creaks open and I peer inside to see a small flood of light shine from the corner of his room. The reading lamp is still on but I can make out most of his figure in the bed. He is silently breathing and his toned arms are resting over the blanket. He is shirtless and he has stubbles all over his chin and cheeks. I step into the room and close the door behind me so it doesn’t creak. I step heel to toe towards his bedside until I am looking down at him.


I grab my satin nightgown and slide it over my head. I am fully naked, heart beating into my chest. I have been pleasing myself to him for the past two years now and I finally can have him. I grip the top of his blanket and pull it down. He is nude. His cock is pulsating with an erection and his breathe is deep. I place my hand over his firm chest and stroke his pecs. A moan escapes his lips and I can feel my nipples erect. I am nervous but eager to have him. Sliding my hand to his chin, I put my finger on his lips and part them open. I slip it into his mouth and feel his warm saliva. His tongue grazing over my finger tips. He closes his mouth and suckles on my finger. I feel a tingling sensation inside my vagina as I get damp. I can’t help but wonder how well he would suckle on my big breasts but luckily, I don’t have to wait much longer.


I pull one leg over him until I’m straddling his hips. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my damp lips. He eyes flutter open and his pupils widen with a mix of shock and surprise.


M-Mommy! What are you doing in here!?” He grips onto my hips and his eyes graze over my curvy body before landing on my rock hard nipples.


Oh, baby.” I whisper. “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!”


His green eyes meet mine and his breathe gets heavier, “You’re naked and… you’re wet. I can feel it! Why are you doing this? I don’t understand. Did you want me all this time? I-


I press my hand over his mouth. “Hush baby.” His cock pulsates against my sloshy wet pussy. “Let mommy take good care of you tonight. You don’t need to question it.


I lower my chest and place my hands against the wall behind him. My huge DD cup tits hang just over his head. He gawks at them in awe and I can feel his breathe against them as his mouth opens. “Come on baby. I know you want to nurse on mommy, don’t you?” I take one hand off the wall and cup his face. His stubbles are rough against my palm but I pull his head up so he can latch on my left nipple.


Pleasure immediatly engulfs me and his hot mouth encompasses my breast. His tongue glides effortlessly over my erect nipple as he flicks it again and again. His hands move up and both of them grab ahold of my breast. He squeezes my tit over and over again. It dawns on me that he is trying to nurse. I wave of wetness starts leaking down past my labia and lips. He moans and suckles as I remain leaned over him. The erection he has is now harder than anything I have ever felt before and I’m fighting the urge to let him get inside right away. I want to savor this.


Mommy. I want to nurse on your big tits. They taste so good!” He rasps the words out but I smile at the fact he is eager to please me. I look down at him with his mouth open and tongue out, awaiting me to insert the right breast over his mouth. I grab ahold of my heavy tit and plop it into his mouth. He sucks harder this time.


Good boy. Make mommy cum like this baby. I know you can do it. Your latch is so, so good!” He twirls his fingers over the other nipple as he latches the other. My areola is shriveled and dark brown now as the pleasure builds up in my pelvis. Each stroke over my nipples causes the pressure to build and build. I look at my groin to see that the wetness is now puddling on his cock. The sight of it takes me over the edge. I grip his hair and rapidly breath as I start to orgasm. His eyes flutter open and he watches me orgasm over him. My big, heavy tits still covering the majority of his face. His eyes glisten in accomplishment as I wiggle and squirm in pleasure.


“Did I do good, mommy?


Oh my goodness baby. You did! Let me feel you now hun.” I grip his cock and my juices are all over it.


WAIT!” He says and he grips my wrist. “I… I haven’t have sex yet.


I was shocked. This handsome, girthy, green eyed man hasn’t been inside a vagina yet?! I scan his face but I can tell he is being honest. My clit tingles and throbs at the thought that his first experience will be with his mommy. “That’s okay baby. You deserve to cum after how good of a boy you been.


I didn’t wait for his response or objection. I shoved his girthy, hard length inside me. He moans and grabs my wide hips. Hard. I wince against the pressure of his fingers digging into me. He grits his teeth and inhales and I can see that simply being inside his mommy is enough to make him want to nut. “Mommy…” He gasps.


Oh hunny. You feel so good!” I grind my hips forward and back again, feeling the tip of his juicy cock press against my fertile cervix. “I can feel your erection near my womb!”


I already want to cum, what do I do!?” He seemed desperate. He didn’t want it to end either and he was looking to me to help him. I slowed my grind.


Well, baby. When you want to hold back, focus on something else instead of how your cock feels. Try pleasuring me!” I smiled at him sweetly.


Okay. How can I make you happy, mommy?” I can still see his gaze over my milky titties.


Tell me what you like about my body.”


I can see him blush and I feel his cock pulsate at whatever thoughts he was having about me. “Tell me baby. Don’t be shy.”


Well… I love your big boobs. I love how pink they are and how hard your nipples are. They get darker when I was licking them. Did you like it?” He has a gleam in his eye and I rock my hips again as I answer him.


I loved how you nursed on me baby. I loved how your mouth felt and how good you latched onto my areolas.You see this?” I point to my lumpy circles around my hard nipples. I rock faster on his cock. “When these get really hard and dark, that means I’m about to cum! I can feel the pleasure in my clit through my breasts.


He stared at my big tits as they began to move along with the rhythm of my hips. He moved his hands off my hips and cupped my tits. His pelvis presses into mine.


Mommy I want to cum inside you.” He grips my breasts and I can tell he doesn’t want to hold back anymore. He wants his mommy’s tight cunt. He wants to breed me and inject his sperm into my womb. I knew he would be eager to please me. My wide hips, heavy breasts and sloppy wet pussy is basically an advertisement for fertility.


Yes baby. Cum inside me. Let mommy take your virginity!” The moment I finish the sentence, his hot jizz spills into me. My cervix opens up and I take his seed directly into the womb. I can tell right away that his cum is thick and gloopy. My nipples are more erect than ever before, my mouth is wide open and I am taken to the stars by the sensation of my step-sons spunk. His balls are tight to his body as they drain….


I just KNOW that I’m pregnant already. I can’t wait for him to taste my milk…

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