A Powerlifters Cardio

First day on the job! I’m excited and nervous but not because I’ve never done reception before. Answering phones and scheduling appointments for someone over my head is just another mundane part of the job. I didn’t want the job just to sit at the desk, sipping my coffee and tapping my nails against the desk. I did it for a paycheck, sure but I’m heavily focused on the men.

You see, the men are a different breed in a powerlifting gym. Some may say that doing the same three lifts over and over each week is lame but I think it’s something special. To work on a specific movement until it’s perfected takes a level of dedication that most would be jealous of. To then take this perfected movement and add weight?… Well that makes an elite version of human, don’t you think? How many people do you know lift over 400lbs. I don’t know many people lifting over 200lbs myself. I’m eager to get to work because I have the perfect view. I’m near the front of the building but can easily see the majority of the gym. I can watch these men lift every day and see them become something beastly. No matter how good they get, they’ll never stop being at war with themselves to get better. It’s the pure essence of manliness.



I take my seat at the desk. It’s still quite as no one is here yet so I focus my attention to the computer screen. There’s a few names listed on the computer that are inquiring about prices and asking questions about what it takes to join the gym. I want to answer but I’m not in a rush at the moment. My mind is flowing with many different thoughts and I find myself concerned if I’ll be liked here. I don’t like powerlifting myself and I’m by no means considered athletic. Every time I catch my reflection, I look away because all I can see is the things I want to improve. My breasts hang lower than I want them to, my thighs rub together and all I can hear in my head is moms voice telling me my skin looks like cottage cheese. I can’t seem to wear pants that lay below my stomach for fear of a spare tire flopping over it. Why would someone like me be hired in a place like this?

I shake my head. I got to stop doing that to myself and I need to focus on the things I can do. I know I’m desirable despite my own opinion on my appearance. I don’t lack cock but then again, I known a guy who would fuck the mayonaise jar because it made a “wet sound”. I work here now and there’s nothing I can do about it for a long time. I was offered a discounted monthly price to this gym now that I’m employed here. I don’t see why I won’t learn a few things while I’m here!

The door opens and I glance up to see 5 men walking in all at once. The men are laughing and bumping shoulders. One has his head tilted up and the most obnoxious laugh I ever heard bellows out of him and another one has no sound coming out of his mouth and tears are swelling up in his eyes. The other three men are trailing behind and they seem energetic and ready to work, unless they’re all hyped up on pre-workout. Everyone is using that crap nowadays to get motivation but I thought part of working out was to form discipline…?

Each one of the men stopped in front of me and looked with curiosity. I’m new so I expected this. I stood up and walked around the desk to shake their hands. I shook each one and clenched my teeth as each mans grip was absolutely crushing my small hand. The last man came up to me and as he shook my hand, he made eye contact. Stunning blue eyes caught mine and he smiled at me. He’s the only one who stated his name.

“Cody.” He says and smiles through his beard.

Cody has a thick, light brown beard. He has no hair on his head and he walked into the building shirtless. His pecks were enormous and his biceps were the size of my head. I don’t think he was flexing either. He reminded me of a viking with his strong build. I found myself holding his hand far longer than I should have as I couldn’t seem to stop looking at his face. He has the kindest face I’ve seen in a long time. His smile was gentle and his eyes had a softness to them.

I let go of his hand, “Nice to meet you Cody. I’m new here as you can see! I don’t know too much about powerlifting so I hope you don’t mind an audience!” I stopped talking and wanted to kick myself. Why am I saying that? What a loser!

Cody smiles again, “I wouldn’t mind if you watched.” He turns around and walks into the gym to set up.

What did he mean by that? I’m probably thinking into it too much. He is so handsome though and there’s something about him that comes across primal yet somehow he radiates a feeling of safety. I watch after him as he meets up with loud laugh guy and silent laugh guy. It looks like they’re setting up for bench presses today. Explains the lack of shirts.

I lean up against the front of the desk and watch the men for awhile. I watch them laugh and goof off as they prepare to lift heavy today. I catch myself biting my lower lip and tapping my foot as I gawk. I know I’m a sexual person but I don’t usually hyper focus like this. I’m watching these god-like men lift and get sweaty but I find myself paying attention the most on Cody. The heavier his lifts get, the damper I’m feeling between my legs. His pecks bulge and every muscle in his upper body is working to move the barbell up and down. His face gets red as the blood rushes to his head. I glance down to see the outline of his cock pressing against his shorts…

I’m holding my breath and force myself to exhale. I’m getting far too worked up about this. I pull out my phone and check the Flo app. Sure enough, it’s ovulation day. I roll my eyes and put my phone back into my pocket. At this point, I need to release the tension. I’d like to keep the job I just got. I make my way to a bathroom. I walk past the men but they didn’t notice me. I rush into the nearest restroom and find 3 shower stalls. I push the shower curtain aside, slip inside and close it behind me. I slide down my jeans and take them off completely. I make sure to tuck my phone into my folded jeans as I place them on the shelf.

Sliding my hand down to my pussy, I feel the slick fluid that’s made its way past my lips.Β Jesus…Β I didn’t realize how turned on I was. I lean against the shower wall and slide down to the floor. The cold of the wall presses into my skin and I pull my lips apart with my left hand while using my right two fingers to rub my clit. I look down and can see the wetness flow out of my hole. I pull the hood to reveal my whole clit. It throbs to the beat of my heart. I scoop some of the fluid from the entrance to my pussy and use it as lube on my clit. I slide my pointer finger over my exposed clit and rub it in a circular motion. Tingles surge through my body and I lift my head to look at the ceiling. I don’t usually enjoy this extreme sensation but I just want to cum. I need to cum.

I know I’m the only woman in the building so the bathroom will remain vacant. I don’t hold back my moans. I feel warmth creep through my body as the blood rushes to my crotch. The skin on my back is starting to stick to the wall I’m sitting against. My legs are spread out as far as they can go and I finally move my fingers away from my clit and slip them into my sloppy wet pussy hole. I move them back and forth and I can feel my g-spot. I allow my pussy to clench on my fingers and I can hear the wet sounds it makes. I get more turned on hearing my own moans and dampness. I watch as I fuck myself and I can feel the orgasm coming. I close my eyes and envision Cody. I know, it’s pathetic to imagine a man I met 30 minutes ago but he’s what turned me on in the first place.

My breath is uneven and my moans are going quite as I start to cum. I know this is going to be a really large orgasm so I keep the pace. My fingers feel wrinkly now and my legs begin to tremble. I can feel my pussy lips and labia opened up. My body begins to feel lights and my mind starts to cloud up as I lose myself into the orgasm. My eyes roll back and just as the pulsating in my crotch begins and my entarence opens up, so does the shower curtain.



My eyes open and my legs snap closed. There’s Cody standing at the shower. He is completely naked and one hand is still holding onto the curtain and the other is holding a towel. His skin is glistening in sweat and his muscles are bigger than before. I didn’t think it was possible but they were. Those kind blue eyes appeared surprised and I couldn’t tell if his face was red from lifting or from me. I’m full exposed and still sitting on the floor of the shower. Cody turns around, revealing his rear to me.

“Wow… I didn’t know you were in here! I’m so sorry.” He says.

I stand up and tried to walk around him but his large frame took up most of the front of the shower. My bare breasts rubbed against his back as I passed him. His sweat stuck onto my body and his back tensed at my touch. I’m so embarrassed but even more turned on by the situation I’m in.

“What are you doing in the women’s bathroom!?” I shout. I’m nervous and I’m letting it out on him. “It’s highly inappropriate of you to just barge in here. I’m sure you’re not used to a woman working here and you think you can walk around like you own the joint but you don’t.” I’m breathing heavy now. I talk with my hands and I’m no longer trying to cover myself as I rant. I see Cody glancing at my body as I talk and I get even more flustered.

“I mean, look at you! Is it because you look like you were carved right out of a statue?! Does that justify your complete and utter arrogance!?” I say.

“You think I look like a statue?” Cody asks, now amused.

I look towards a movement to see his cock enlarging before my eyes. “Oh, that’s what gets you off? Being told how hot you are? REALLY?” I stare at the lengthening cock before me.

“That could be it. Or it could be the fact that there’s a beautiful naked women in the exact shower I was planning to use in theΒ mens restroom.” Cody smirks.

I look around and see two urinals in the corner. I blush at how stupid I was and turn my head back to Cody. We sit in awkward silence for a few seconds before I take in the situation. I’m nude but no longer uncomfortable. Cody is nude as well but he isn’t trying to cover himself despite his erect penis. I allow my eyes to wander over him. He seems to be sweatier than earlier and his kind blue eyes are looking at me. I look at his shoulders, chest, stomach and forearms. I soak in the view in front of me before I look at his face to see that he’s doing the same thing to me. Knowing that this man is looking at me the way I’m looking at him makes my heart skip a beat and I allow myself to trust my instincts. I walk closer to him and keep eye contact with him, checking for any signs of discomfort.

He says nothing as I close the space between us. I soak in his facial features and reach out my hand to touch is arm. Cody remains silent as I trace my fingertips along his bicep and down to his forearm. I lean in and press my breasts against his chest. His sweat glistens and I take his hand into mine, guiding it to my rear. I can feel his erect cock press against my womb and his big, manly hand cups my buttock. I let go of his hand and slide my body down his until I’m on my knees. No longer waiting to see if Cody objects, I allow myself to move in. I look up at him from the ground and rub my hands along his quads. I worship his body and respect the work he has put into it. I admire every muscle and every drop of sweat in front of me. I kiss inside his thigh and find myself gripping at the skin of his legs. A primal fire burns inside me. Something about Cody and his viking body makes me want to fully submit. I want animalistic, nasty sex with him.

I sink my teeth into his leg. Cody sucks in air through his teeth but remains standing. I bite in harder and pull away to see teeth marks in his leg. I look up at him to see precum building at the tip of his cock. He grabs my face with both hands and his kind eyes yield a fire behind them. I open my mouth as wide as it could go and allow spit to leak off the tip of my tongue.

“You are such a good girl.” he says. I laugh but keep my mouth open.

The precum forms into a drop and drips off the tip of his cock and lands on my tongue. Cody takes his thumb and rubs that drop all over the inside of my mouth. I keep eye contact as I don’t dare break it. I want to please him and I need to know what it would be like to be dominated by an elite human physique. His cock traces my lips and he paints them with fresh precum. I moan and struggle against the grip of his hands on my face. He is teasing me and I can see in his face that he likes watching me lust for him. I preserve the moment as he grips his cock with one hand slips it into my eager mouth. I immediately close my mouth over his hard cock and move my head into it. I struggle in the first few thrusts before I finally make it down to his shaft. I gag on it but refuse to quit or slow down. His precum oozes into the back of my throat and into my stomach. It tastes sweet. The sweat on his body covers my lips like a gloss and the saltiness makes my mind go numb with desire.

I’m not sure how long it’s been but the back of my throat feels tender and my knees hurt from the floor. I pull away and stand up to look at him. Cody doesn’t hold back his gaze as he gawks at my body. The spit leaving a trail down my tits and stomach, the shiny residue between my thigh and the tears down my cheeks. He stares at me before backing into the shower I only a few moments ago was about to cum in. I walk with him and close the curtain…



Cody picks me up off the floor. I hold back a shriek as he lifts me to his shoulders. I grip onto his head for balance and he plunges his face into my pussy. My mouth drops open and I wrap my legs around him. My knees are at his ears and his hands are my seat. He grips my ass HARD and I wince as he dig his fingertips into them. He is making slurp noises and licks up all the juices that flowed out of me. I knew there was a lot and he didn’t seem bothered by it. He moans and sucks on my clit, learning what I like based on my bodys reaction to him. I don’t think I ever came so fast. I allowed myself to go limp in his grip and as I began cumming, I leaned over his head. My hands grip in on the muscles of his back and I held on for deal life. I’m pretty sure I was almost screaming into his ear. The more I scratch at him and the more noises I made into his ear, the deeper he inserts his tongue inside me.

I feel a rush of warmth leak down my thighs and rear. I open my eyes and look down to see a liquid splashing down Cody’s chest. There was a lot of it and it almost covers his body. He puts me back down and looks at himself. I stare at him, realizing that I squirted! He knows what it is right away and doesn’t seem fazed by it. I can hardly hold myself up as I’m still cumming. I point to Codys face,

“I creamed on you.” I whimper.

He touches his beard and looks at his hand “That you did.” he says in a teasing tone. He turns to turn on the shower and I notice long, deep marks all over his upper back. My mind flashes back to my legs draped over his shoulders and my grip on him as I was squirting. The water hits him and he feels the scratches stinging and the bite on his thigh burns as well.

I think it turns him on more because his cock is pulsating like I’ve never seen a cock pulsate before. He shoves me up against the wall and inserts himself inside me. I gasp and am grateful for this position. I admire his hard body pressing up against mine, hungry for me. Using one hand to balance himself on the wall above my head, he uses to other to slap my tits. They swung around as he smacks them. I smile at him each time he hits them for with each slap, he thrusts too. I’m getting off on his primal nature and how he gradually lets go more and more. I know he wants me and there is no doubt in my mind that we wants the same thing.

An unprotected, primal, rough fuck.

He went harder and harder. he slams into my fertile cervix over and over again and I grips his forearms each time. He looks down at what he was doing to me and he sees a thick, white cream slathered on his hard dick. He now knows how fertile and open my pussy is for his seed and he wants it too. With both arms above my head, trapped by one of Codys hands, my breasts bounce around roughly as he thrusts. I no longer care if I was loud, I’m screaming and biting into his shoulder. Every bite causes Cody to grip my wrists harder and his cock feels more engorged too. Maybe it’s how wrapped up in the sex I am but I feel him inside me and I feel how his cock rubs every inch of my pussys walls. How my labia, clit and pussy lips respond to him.

“Chok-” I barely finish my demand before Cody grips my neck.

He knows what I want and he allows me to have it. My head and body feel on air as I cum for the second time. I can feel my pussy push his cock out of me with how tight it is with pleasure. Cody is balls deep and doesn’t move as I cum, feeling each twitching pulse of pleasure radiate from inside me.

Once I finish, my ears ring and my head feels light. Sweat causes my hair to stick to my face. Cody moves my hair from my eyes and cups my face. I know I look exhausted but I grip his shoulders and lead him to the floor. He sits on the ground and I crawl on top of him. I gasp as he enters inside me yet again. My freshly fucked cunt is ready to finish him off. I relentlessly ride him. In a full squat position, I bounce on him and slam my whole pussy over him. He groans and grabs my ass for support. I can feel the marks from where he gripped me earlier and it turns me on knowing he bruised me. The slapping sound of my pussy hitting his pelvis is a perfect rhythm. It’s Cody’s turn to cum.

Cody cums and he cums HARD. His seed blasts right through my cervix into my womb. My cheeks flush as my pussy traps his primal sperm inside myself. I sit on his pulsing cock and watch his face as he recovers from his orgasm. Those beautiful blue eyes trap me. How amazing that those kind eyes are capable of such primal, raw lust.



I watch Cody redress and smile as I see bite marks on his thigh and shoulders as well as scratch marks between his shoulder blades. I wonder if he will wear them proudly tomorrow…

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