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Mommy’s #1 Rule: No Blue Balls! -Part 1

I was out to brunch with the ladies and the conversation got deep. I confessed to being attracted to my step-son and they encouraged me to make a move! So once I got home, I immediately went into his room before I lost the courage. He was admiring his new space since we just moved into a new house. I pulled down his pants but he seemed a bit nervous and reluctant. I kept reassuring him that it was okay. It would be our secret and he should trust me to take care of him. I ALWAYS knew what was best for him and I always made sure he was happy. And now, that also mean I make sure he is sexually happy as well. Since he was SO shy and nervous, I went slow. I stroke his cock with my hands and put it in my warm mouth. I wanted to fuck him but with how much convincing it took to get him to lean back and let me play with him, I wanted to take it slow. He will NEVER have blue balls again as long as he lives under my roof

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