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Sexually Frustrated Mom Doesn’t Take No For An Answer

Your mom has been continually arguing with your dad about how selfish he is in bed. It's been so long since she has orgasmed and she is complaining that all she needs is a creampie. Your dad seems to want to "play it safe". In a fit of rage, she hangs up the phone and talks with you. She vents about the situation while sitting on your lap. Things get more intense as she begins rubbing your cock between her ass cheeks, oiling them up and making you hard despite your discomfort. Things continue to build as she lays back and demands that you put your cock inside her. She keeps mentioning your dad and how all she wants is a good fuck. You look away, but she makes you look at her wiggly tits. Her erect nipples make your cock throb and you catch yourself beginning to want it.... As long as you don't cum inside your mom, then it shouldn't be a problem, right??

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